Synthetic Snakewhips
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 ***If you intend your whips to be a matched pair, please order two whips and select the matched pair option when ordering, if not your whips may be made at separate times and may not match. (The total for the matched pair will be the whip price x2 plus $50)***

A snake whip is defined by a whip with a knob, a thong, a fall and a cracker. They require a little more use of the wrist. These whips are usually considered the red-headed step child of the whip family but we have set out to change that.

Now usually synthetic snake whips are poorly made, and very difficult to crack becuase theyre too light and basically useless. We have set out to change everyone's perception of what a snakewhip should and can be and have successfully done so in leather and now synthetic. These whips are truly special and for the price you cannot get a better product on the market today.

***If you choose the knob option, you will get your choice between between brass or silver. Our synthetic snakewhips have a nylon braided thong and are mounted into a shot loaded brass knob. THe same powerflex core and full braided belly is used in these just like our roo hide whips.***

Our 3 foot synthetic snake whip creates a wonderful combination of ease of play and ability to play in tight spaces. Don't let the size fool you, these whips throw with incrediable speed and accuracy. They will hit their target time and time again and crack as easily as any of our longer whips. 

Our 4 foot synthetic snake whip is the perfect whip for any skill level. This whip has an amazing ease of throwing and is just begging to be cracked. The length provides just the right amount of speed and control for a beginner to master the basics or for an advanced thrower to be able to perform up to his or her potential

Our 5 foot snake is perfect for wraps as well as ease of use in a larger play area. Even at 5 ft this whip can still be used in small play areas with a bit of practice and skill. When you take this whip out of your bag, everyone will definitely turn a head and want to know where you got that whip and beg to play with it. This whip has been an instant fan favorite since the first one was made.

You really do need to pick one of these synthetic snakewhips and let all of your thoughts of what a snakewhip was fly out the window as soon as the first crack just rolls off this whip.  With the various colors of the paracord and the optional colors of the brass knobs the sky is pretty much the limit if you want to personalize this whip in your own colors.  If you dont see the color you interested in just end us an email and we'll get it for you.



Synthetic Snakewhips

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