Leather Signal Whips
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***If you intend your whips to be a matched pair, please order two whips and select the matched pair option when ordering, if not your whips may be made at separate times and may not match. (The total for the matched pair will be the whip price x2 plus $50)***


Our signal whips are elegnatly designed with hand cut and braided kangaroo hide,

The most popular whip for most beginners is a 3 ft signal whip. So we decided to look at as many 3 ft signal whips as we could and decide what we liked about each one and  what we felt was lacking so we could  design what we felt is the perfect signal whip.

We designed our signals also in our signature 1/2 ft sizes. Everytime we would pick up a signal whip we would end up feeling like oh this whip is great, but it would be better with a fall or if it was just 1/2 a foot longer, so thats what we decided to do. We added 6" of braiding to the end of our signals to take away that longing for a fall or just a bit more whip. The extra length also gives extremely accurate performance. 

For elegance, performance and accuracy our signal whips outshine our competitors.


Leather Signal Whips

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