Leather Bullwhips
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***If you intend your whips to be a matched pair, please order two whips and select the matched pair option when ordering, if not your whips may be made at separate times and may not match. (The total for the matched pair will be the whip price x2 plus $50)***


Bullwhips are defined by having a rigid handle that attaches directly to the thong.  They usually have a fall that is between 15%-40% of the length of the thong.  Opinion and even historical record differ greatly as to the exact time period and place of origin of the bullwhip.  However it can't be denied that the bullwhip has figured more prominently in American culture than any other type of single tail.  Movies such as Indiana Jones, Catwoman, Zorro, and a multitude of others feature films, comics and television shows have helped to make them the iconic American symbol of THE WHIP. 






Performance-wise bullwhips are characterized by the accuracy and ease of use that the leverage of the handle allows.  In this country most performance whips are bullwhips with specialty handles and thongs.  the fall allows for crackers to be changed with ease and also provides an area that can be used to cut targets.  


Our bullwhips are THE most accurate in the world.  I will personally put them up against any other braiders product. All are 16 plait, with two fullbraided leather bellies and cores that run the ENTIRE legnth of the whip. Each fall is hand shaped latigo with beveled edges. 




Interesting facts and things to consider when buying a bullwhip

  • Bullwhips are the easiest whips to learn to throw becuase of the handle and fall
  • The perfect outdoor legnth for a bullwhip  is considered to be about 8feet
  • Th perfect indoor legnth for bullwhips is contested to be betwen 3 and 4 feet
  • Longer handles make bullwhips a little easier to crack
  • Shorter whips give more thong to work with for complicated volleyes and routines
  • All of our bullwhips are 16 plaits with two full braided bellies´╗┐
  • 5 feet is an often overlooked size in bullwhips its still short enough to allow for indoor play (barley) and still long enough for routines
  • A lot of people fee that bullwhips are more accurate than other whips
  • the cores of our bullwhips run the entire legnth of the whip
  •  ´╗┐


Remember Kids if you want a custom length, plait count or handle size just email me at blackcatwhips@yahoo.com or call 920-750-3221








Leather Bullwhips

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